Company Secretary

Company Secretary

The responsibility of the Secretaries is the daily supervision of the administration of the company, signing of Annual Returns, Financial Certificates, maintenance of minutes, official communications and provision of the registration of the members of the company.

The secretary is a communicator, facilitator, and advisor to the board and shareholders of the company. The company secretary also maintains ongoing communications with regulatory authorities, such as the Commercial Registry Office in Ireland and the Revenue Commissioners. The company secretary must be independent in providing advice, adequately qualified and aware of the rights, duties, and obligations of directors, shareholders, and other third parties.

The appointment of a secretary for a company is based on the concepts of trust and independence, which reflects the confidentiality of the way of working of each company. The secretary of a company, in general, is one of their legal representatives, and it is their responsibility to ensure that the company and the directors operate within the scope of their duties, providing guidance to enable compliance with the relevant legislation.

All companies are legally required to have a company secretary. Nexus Ventures provides this service to meet in due time and form the legal obligations of your company, communicating the legal forms of the CRO and the commissioners of the collection to ensure that they do not violate the law of the company.