Buy & Sell companies. Investment advisors

Buy & Sell companies. Investment advisors

Nexus Ventures offers you the adequate and complete advice you need to optimize your capital to the maximum and with the utmost professionalism.

Ireland’s investment, real estate, and commercial profitability outweigh any expectations. However, without proper advice and/or financial vehicle used, its profitability can decrease considerably.


If you are an owner and you are thinking of retiring or changing your activity and wish to sell your activity, Nexus Ventures offers you maximum discretion and speed, as well as offering you the possibility of directly buying your business or property.

Investing money is not an exclusive business of businessmen or large companies, Ireland offers great short and long-term investment opportunities without minimums or maximums. You decide whether you want to participate in an active business, a project or a real estate property or a holiday home abroad.

Recommended investment sectors:

  • Buy companies with profits.
  • Real estate with the unaffected tenant.
  • Financing for small and medium enterprises.
  • Research and technological development projects.
  • Homes for tourist use in the destination where you want to go your next vacation.