Legal and Financial Advice

CEI - Constitución de empresas en Irlanda

Legal and Financial Advice

At Nexus Ventures we offer you legal and financial advice services.

The professional team that we will put at your service, has broad experience in Ireland exercising their free and independent profession.

The notary in Ireland does not bear witness to deeds, but he has the capacity and authorises a Certificate, reproduces and grants documents with the maximum official value, such as:

  • Business and private agreements.
  • Certified Notarial Copy or Testimony of documents copied from the originals, such as passports, diplomas, degrees, etc.
  • Elaboration and Granting of Powers, in accordance with the requirements established for their validity and effectiveness, in the countries where they must be addressed.
  • Notarial Certificates
  • Legal Certificates on Irish Law.
  • Protest of bills of exchange, promissory notes or business documents.
  • Administration of Oaths.
  • Elaboration of Notarial Documents in Ireland in a foreign language.
  • Reception of Sworn Statements.
  • Obtain and reproduce the Hague Apostille for Irish legal documents.