Terms & Conditions

Our responsibilities

1. Based on the information received from you, Nexus Ventures Ltd. will proceed with all due diligence and professionality to accomplish your assignment, and will submit direct or indirectly your query to the Company Register Office, Revenue and other official entities, private or professional, with the goal of fulfilling your request, signing on your behalf only the appropriate documents for your application. We will provide our services taking into account that no report is required, according to the law or the regulation related to its concerned parties, unless you inform us otherwise in writing.
2. We will submit your documents on your behalf, and these will be treated on the database trusted to us by our users. Therefore, the warranty of our services is limited to the diligence of the assignment.
Therefore, our job will not offer any warranty that the application is free of material mistakes, other irregularities or errors.
3. As part of our normal procedures we may request you to provide written confirmation of any information or explanations given to us verbally during the course of our work.

Responsibility of our customers

4. You are responsible for ensuring, to your true knowledge and understanding, that the information provided to us is reliable.
5. You are responsible for ensuring that you have the necessary authorisation to hire us on your behalf, on behalf of a person or company.
6. Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Legislation requires us to obtain proof of address and identification for our clients. To this end, we will require the following items for each director, the company secretary and (if different) any company shareholders:
– A copy of a valid/current passport or driver’s licence; and
– A copy of a utility bill (i.e. gas, electricity or phone) or bank statement issued within the last three months which displays the person’s current address.

Other Services

7. Nexus Ventures Ltd. may request you separately your conformity to hire our services through engagement documents that refer to the request of assignment, agreed price and payment method.
8. Our fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Client interaction

9. Throughout the course of our work, Nexus Ventures Ltd. can request you information related with the procedure of your assignment, using your contact email or other agreed in writing with us on the engagement document. In the event that a request from this office is not satisfied within three months following the first communication, we will, at our discretion, close the engagement and deem it completed. Requests for refunds or credit will not be considered.

This document will remain effective until the requested engagement is complete. If you do not agree with the comprehension of our terms and conditions, please let us know before firing any of our services.
Nexus Ventures Ltd.